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Pragmatic advice on job survival too often concentrates on merely looking good for your boss. Including being visible and networking, providing feedback and two way communication, raising solutions and not just problems, seeking personal development opportunities, and importantly, not being branded a moaner. But the challenges have now shifted pace, weight and direction.􀀁

Job survival today is not just personal vibes with your employer. Nor is it limited to the relevance of what you do, or even how well you do it. Your attitude towards everyone you come into contact with is equally and demonstratively vital. The rapid growth of contract and part time employment intensifies this reality.

Always remember you are paid to do a job. Do it; or deserve getting flicked aside.

This book could be titled Job and Enterprise Survival Today. Fundamentally, does your performance contribute not only to your retention but also the survival, then success, of the enterprise that pays you? Enterprise failure overwhelmingly results from ineffective decision-making and implementation.􀀁

With Job Survival Today you can help yourself, and relevant decision-makers, avoid making bad choices. You must assist the enterprise to take effective action. Your job survival depends on it. The content is applicable internationally, and highly valuable for salaried professional early to mid careerists. It also serves as vital preparatory and positioning advice for college students and recent graduates.􀀁

With this investment via e-book mobility, and with selected app use, you can reinforce delivery of thoroughly practical sets of personal strengths. Prepared to master the situation.

Keep Job Survival Today on tap, putting you on top of the tasks and welcomed as a constructive and valued player in increasingly difficult times. For you, and the enterprise, to survive you have to be. The task goes beyond personal job survival. From ineffective executive decision making – comes a failing enterprise – eventually resulting in no jobs! Answer this challenge.

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